My Research

My research focuses on individuals in interpersonal relationships. I am especially interested in how people (consciously and unconsciously) communicate identities involving "taken-for-granted" societal forces (e.g., sex, gender, relational communication). My goal, with each research program, is to disseminate findings beyond solely academic outlets. Therefore, I strive to apply my research to community organizations, health practitioners, and classroom settings. In my work, I operate on the assumption that individuals shape society; by looking at people one-on-one, I seek to enable social change, even if "only" in minds of individuals in classrooms and communities.

My current programs of research all focus on relational communication (e.g., relational uncertainty, power, conflict, love, and sex occurring in violent & nonviolent relationships) as influenced by societal identities (e.g., gender, family roles, stigma, health norms).

Currently Collecting Data Online...

Love Languages Methodology Study

We want to know how people actually communicate love in romantic relationships. If you’ve ever been in a romantic relationship & are at least 18 years old, consider taking this approx. 15 min. anonymous survey located HERE. Study approved by WCSU Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects Research (#1920-95, expires 12/16/20.